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Posh Nosh: May your Pets enjoy our products in good health!!

We are proud to introduce “Posh Nosh” a nutritionally, well balanced, high standard complete pet food that has been specifically developed to help give you a healthy, happy pet.

Our product line offers the ultimate in quality and selection to include a Good Health Herbal Tonic which we have strived to naturally produce here in Andalucia, Spain for your pets well being.

This highly palatable and digestible range of foods are at the forefront of foods of this type and with all the cereal contents being GM free this diet will stand nutritional comparison with many alternatives costing twice as much!!!

Our complete pet food has been proudly manufactured in the UK exclusively for Posh Nosh.

Posh Nosh Bags are Eco- Friendly high quality, strong, light weight, fun & re-useable. An easy, yet powerful way YOU can be part of the change that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE FOR GOOD!!

The Good Bag with a BIG heart....

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet)

Biologically Appropriate Raw Pet FoodThere isnít a nutrition expert on the planet that would tell you eating processed foods is healthier than fresh, whole foods, so Ö why would it be good for your dog? We now sell BARF raw minced chicken and vegetables or simply just chicken.

Our freezer is nicely stocked. for more information click here.