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About Us

Our small company is continuously thriving to produce a nutritionally sound diet for your pet.

The founding of this company represents a growing awareness in alternative healthcare and nutrition for animals.

A pet that has a well nourished and balanced diet has the ability to help heal itself, promoting great health and long life.

Working with animals for many years and being brought up in the “dog world” has enabled us to understand and adhere to their specific needs. We are very proud of these products and what we have produced for your pets.

We also realize that in this day and age we need to play our part in the world’s ecology and have produced re-useable fun packaging for our food products. These bags can be used time and time again in a variety of ways for example for Posh Nosh Re-fills, as shopping bags, beach bags, picnic bags to say but a few…..To encourage our clients to become “More Green” each time you return for a re-fill with our “Eco-Friendly Bag” a discount is given off the price of our Pet Food. This also applies to our Good Health Herbal Tonic.